Providing Benefits

for the Long Haul

Welcome to the Railroad Consulting Network

We provide expertise and results to freight railroads and transportation industry partners.

Networked with highly experienced consultants and leaders in the transporattion industry, we can provide your company creative solutions to the most complex business problems no matter how big or small.  Further, recognizing that our clients have unique business situations, we ensure that our services are focused on those unique needs.

We offer services in all areas of railroad management including process improvement, freight car issues, finance, accounting, marketing, and AAR compliance. We are the most experienced consulting firm in the rail industry specializing in car hire rate negotiation (aka deprescription) services ranging from rate representation (agency) to arbitration. We also perform special projects of almost any kind.

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We Generate Results

We have generated millions of dollars in benefits to our clients.  With over 29 years of railroad management experience, we understand critical factors that drive success. 

Our client base includes:

  • Class I, Regional, and Short line Railroads
  • Shippers, Consignees, and New Railroad Customers
  • Financial Institutions, Leasing Companies, and Investors
  • Freight Car Builders and Suppliers
  • Private Freight Car Owners and Management Companies
  • Transloading & Warehousing Companies


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