Providing Benefits

for the Long Haul

Accounting & Administration Services

We offer management and consulting services to help your company improve processes, procedures, controls, quality, and efficiency in just about any area including:

  • Financial Accounting

  • Freight Accounting

  • Car Accounting

  • Billing & Collections

  • Car Repair Billing

  • Finance and financial analysis

  • Private car contract administration & "zero-mileage" agreements

  • Audits--Financial, Operational, MIS, Contract, etc.

  • Data Quality

  • AAR Compliance

  • Pricing & Valuation

  • SOX 404 Compliance Testing

Key Benefits

  • Integrity of financial data and management information

  • Reliability of internal systems

  • Identification of inadequate controls and procedures and implementation of corrective actions

  • Identification of contract variances (over/under payment)

  • Recovery of assets

  • Administrative efficiency and simplification