Providing Benefits

for the Long Haul

Freight Car Management Services

We offer a wide range of services to better manage your freight car fleet.  Whether your company is buying, selling, or looking for better utilization, we can help you find the solutions that you need.

Below are a few of the areas where we provide expertise:

Railroad Freight Cars

Railroad Marked Freight Cars

  • Acquisition Analyses
    • Purchase - New/Used
    • Lease - Full Service, Net, or Per Diem
    • Railroad vs. Private Marks
  • Finding the freight cars you need
  • Fleet Valuation & Sizing
  • ROI Analyses
  • AAR Car Hire/Service Compliance 
  • Proper registration of freight equipment in UMLER
  • Utilization Improvement

Private Freight Cars

Private Marked Freight Cars 

  • Private line mileage contracts
  • Reporting requirements
  • Tank car equalization
  • Acquisition analyses
  • Utilization Improvement

Portfolio Management

Managing your existing fleet

  • Review and evaluation of freight car portfolio and assessment of per diem lease potential
  • Negotiation of car hire rates on railroad-marked freight cars, including pre-registered freight cars, to ensure market rates are earned when the cars are placed in service
  • Increasing car hire earnings & decreasing car hire costs
  • Management of per diem leases to measure ROI and lease performance
  • Design and development of management information that provides management with clear and concise data pertaining to per diem lease earnings.
  • Regulatory & AAR compliance
  • Storage Solutions

Lease Evaluation and Management

Managing Freight Car Leases

  • Providing analytical support to evaluate lease/buy alternatives
  • Working with builders & leasing companies
  • Evaluation of appropriate vendors and financial institutions 
  • Pre-acquisition negotiation of market rates on per diem-leased freight cars.
  • Improving data quality and eliminating erroneous car movement reporting
  • Proper registration of freight equipment in UMLER

Key Benefits:

  • Lease qualification--for financing based on market car hire returns--not default rates.
  • Increased lease/sale potential by providing a more competitive offering
  • Market-earning rates when freight cars are put into service.
  •  Acquisition and financing of equipment that meets the needs of your railroad
  • Higher return on investment through proactive management of the process
  • Fact-based decision-making information
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes
  • Operational & Administrative efficiency